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n the 12 years that we’ve been helping individuals, teams and organizations improve, we’ve noticed they all struggle with the same problem – trying to do too much. They are trying to navigate a highway during rush hour traffic, an oxymoron because nothing is moving. Attempts at change grind to a halt, bogged down by days filled with interruptions and “urgent” matters.

Happy, motivated people deliver the best results. For individuals, we’ve led hundreds in applying Personal Kanban™, winner of the Shingo Prize award to managing work. We’ve advised, coached and trained teams and management inside organizations to gain the benefits of Lean / Agile thinking and practices. Through Innovation Games®, we help organizations use collaborative play to tap into true innovation.

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“We Come Alive coached my team on making our work visible with Kanban. You may ask “Why would a longtime applied organization and leadership guy like Christopher hire an organizational coach?” Simple, I wasn’t getting the change done on my own. They saved us time and money getting up to speed on something I “know about” but have little expertise in. I am more credible in the eyes of my team by engaging a true expert. The results and impact are already accruing.”

Christopher Avery, Speaker, Author of 'Teamwork Is An Individual Skill', and the Leadership Gift Program for Leaders

“Before working with We Come Alive, we had trouble organizing ourselves and really understanding how to work together as a team. Not just developers but as a company including managers. They helped to increase communication company wide and increase productivity and organization. Using their expertise in Agile, they set us on the right path to company wide success. We still use the ideas and principals they set out for us to this day.”

Jeb Bisson, IT Manager / Lead Architect, RBB Innovations

“Gerry is one of the most thoughtful people I have ever worked with; thoughtful in the sense of considering options and making wise decisions and more importantly in making those around him feel listened to and valued. Gerry is passionate about building communities and is a strong connecting force in building a shared purpose and aligning people towards achieving a shared vision through action. This of course makes him an exceptional agile coach and trainer.”

Declan Whelan, Agile/Lean coach and CTO PrintChomp

“We Come Alive guided us through the entire process of getting started with Agile / Scrum for our project and went the extra mile to ensure that things went smoothly. I enjoyed the creativity in their approach to developing a self managing high performance software development team. I would recommend them to any organization looking to take their IT development to a new level of quality, responsiveness and productivity (not to mention fun).

Jordan Baker, President, Scryent